The common procedure is also called as web casting.

But Internet only radio stations are free of such associations.The common procedure is also called as web casting. Scion Radio 17 is the latest eddition to Scion Audio. Online Streaming radioï¾’s basic idea is very much alike to that of broadcasting media. Online streaming has come a long way since days when people were using slow computer or dial-up Internet connection. Now, according to Bridge Ratings, more than 57 million people listen to Internet radio every week. The transfer of audio data depends on the speed Investment Casting Factory of your Internet connection. The facts are also easily downloadable by users. 

Faster the speed, smoother the streaming will be. When Inernet is down, that audio will continue to buffer or load for a long time. Online streaming radio is transmitted continuously on the Internet where the audio streamed cannot be replayed or paused in between. Aimed to entertain the public, the Scion Audio Visual offers countless information on music and art.Streaming radio is an audio service transmitted online, that is by means of the Internet. The only difference is the that online radio affiliates streaming rather than downloading that is involved in broadcasting.

Greater part of Internet radio services are connected with a corresponding radio station or radio network. Streaming radio is also acknowledged as Internet radio, web radio, net radio, and e-radio. Scion Audo is the best example for online streming radio. This online radio has 17 channels, through which listeners can listen to diverse genre of music. Good Internet connection is the only requirement that is needed for continuous streaming radio.