We want you to know the good and the bad

Movies section is a complete online movie guide. It provides all the movies information playing in theaters in and around Kakinada. Movie description provides detailed information of the Casting, movie type (Action, Romance, devotion, Comedy, Sports, and Suspense).For knowing which movie is playing in your city now just one sms is more than enough. As a valued information provider, we serve people by providing them information about movies being played in Kakinada theaters in line with the theater name, show timings in which it is being played.Movie - The major entertainer resource for Kakinada people.

This entertainment section discloses all the playing and upcoming Telugu Movies, Hindi Movies, and English Movies in Kakinada with its short storyline, casting and playing theater name and timings. You can also call theaters to enquire on the movie ticket rates and ticket availability. Movie Reviews and Ratings feature stand as a complete online movie guide for Kakinada people showcasing the Talk of the Town on comedy movies, action movies, thrillers and tag them as hit, flop and average movie to make a better choice amongst them for your weekend movie. Also this feature allows you to share your thoughts on the movies you love or hate.

Then, we'll let others know the movie rating so that a good pick from the available movies can be made. We want you to know the good and the bad. So have a look at it! Latest news of the movies that are running in theaters will be listed and you can get theaters, show times, parent guide info and more. The most highly rated movies will appear in the top of the listing making it more convenient for the individuals to choose a movie to go with. The movies information could be shared with a friend by sending SMS / Email and also you can use it in the form of invitation for inviting them to a particular movie. Thus, the movies feature provides detailed information of the movies, theaters and their area specification with show times.